HP Chip Resetter

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The thINKtank UK HP Chip Resetter resets the entire range of resettable HP Inkjet chips available from thINKtank UK. It operates from a standard 9V (PP3) battery and gives a visual indication that the reset took place correctly.

Supplied with an adaptor bracket to allow HP10, 11, 82, 88 etc chips to be reset in situ on the cartridge.

Costing no more than a single cartridge, this HP Chip resetter unit is very cost effective and allows everybody from home refillers to busy refill stores to use thINKtank HP compatible inkjet chips over and over again. Because our chips have no effective expiry date the combination of our chips and this HP chip resetter effectively form a 'chip for life' solution.

Order code: HPRESETTER

Note: Original (OEM) HP Chips cannot be reset by this (or any other) resetter. To use this product, you will also need to purchase our resettable HP Chips.