Lexmark 100XL Chips

Lexmark 100XL Inkjet Chips
thINKtank UK currently produces the full range of Lexmark 100XL chips for Inkjet Cartridges.

thINKtank RoHS compliant Lexmark 100XL Inkjet Chips allow OEM cartridges to be refilled and reused.

The used chips are simply removed from the OEM cartridges and the new thINKtank chip positioned directly in place of the old.

This process takes just seconds and once done the cartridge may be refilled with ink and reused again.

The thINKtank solution requires no modification to the cartridges and each chip is exactly the same size as the OEM chip.

The Lexmark 100XL Range Currently Includes:

Purchase Lexmark 100XL Chips

Buy your Lexmark 100XL chip requirements direct from us here.

Only £2.60 per chip


LEX100 XL Black £2.60 GBP
LEX100 XL Cyan £2.60 GBP
LEX100 XL Magenta £2.60 GBP
LEX100 XL Yellow £2.60 GBP

VAT will be charged at 20% on purchases made in the EU

Shipping to the UK is included in the price of the chips, for International sales an additional charge will be required.

  • Lexmark 100XL Black.
  • Lexmark 100XL Cyan
  • Lexmark 100XL Magenta
  • Lexmark 100XL Yellow

These chips are currently compatible with:
Impact S305, S308, se S308
Interact S605, S606, S608, se S608
Interpret S405, S408, se408
Intuition S505, S508
Pinnacle PRO 901
Platinum PRO 903, PRO 904, PRO 905, PRO 908
Prestige PRO 803, PRO 805, PRO 808
Prevail PRO 703, PRO 705, PRO 706, PRO 708
Prospect PRO 205, PRO 208, se PRO 208
Lexmark S815

These chips allow two refills, making them great value for money. When new, simply fit them to your cartridge to give the first refill. When refilling for a second time, scratch off the small carbon pad on the surface of the chip and the chip is then reset ready for the second use. After the second use the chip must be replaced. For more information, please refer to the Instruction Sheet Acrobat file below.

Lexmark 100XL Chip Replacement And Fitting Instructions

Cartridge refilling stores, as with any retail business, flourish with high footfall. Our selection of chips are an excellent vehicle to leverage footfall since they encourage clients to revisit your store for subsequent refills. During these visits they are likely to purchase ancillary items such as paper and other office supplies, bringing you even greater profits.

Consider offering a discount scheme or loyalty refilling card for subsequent refills - its great for the environment!

So when you THINK GREEN, think thINKtank UK!