HP Inkjet Chips

thINKtank UK manufacturers the full range of HP compatible chips for Inkjet Cartridges.

thINKtank RoHS compliant HP Inkjet Chips allow OEM cartridges to be refilled and reused.
The used chips are simply removed from the OEM cartridges and the new thINKtank HP Inkjet chip positioned directly in place of the old.

This process takes just seconds and once done the cartridge may be refilled with ink and reused again and again simply by resetting the chip with an existing thINKtank Universal HP Resetter unit.

The thINKtank solution requires no modification to the cartridges and each chip is exactly the same size as the OEM chip.

Our HP Inkjet chips incorporate a number of unique features:

  • Resettable any number of times - no limit and no pay-per-reset charges.
  • No effective expiration dates in chips (actually year 2032).
  • Minimal entry cost with low cost HP Chip Resetter unit.
  • Resetter works with all types of chip.

Cartridge refilling stores, as with any retail business, flourish with high footfall. Our Resettable chips are an excellent vehicle to leverage footfall since they encourage clients to revisit your store for subsequent refills. During these visits they are likely to purchase ancillary items such as paper and other office supplies, bringing you even greater profits.

Consider offering a discount scheme or loyalty refilling card for subsequent refills - just a few of the benefits of Resettable chips. Oh, and they’re great for the environment too!

So when you THINK GREEN, think thINKtank UK!